Retour/Service aanvraag

  • Retourformulier

  • Company details

  • Details of the item to be returned

  • Description of defect / complaint / deviation

  • Important notes / service costs

    "* If the defect is not covered by the warranty, the products will not be credited. Research costs amount to: € 42,50 netexcluding VAT."
  • Return address

    Fortes Import B.V. - T.a.v. Afdeling Retouren - Loodsboot 26 - 3991CJ Houten
  • Serviceformulier

  • Client information (installer)

  • Project information

  • Information about the malfunction*

  • Description of the malfunction

  • Important remarks / service costs

    "When carrying out the work, the resident and an employee of the installation company must always be present. Replaced equipment / parts are invoiced immediately. If, after investigation, there is a quarantee, a credit invoice will follow. If it appears that the malfunction is not covered by the warranty, the following costs will be charged.: Travel costs: € 120,00 net excluding VAT Service hour rate: € 80,00 net excluding VAT